Aaron Rodgers reveals he had a UFO experience

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NEW YORK, NY - A strange mystery is unfolding in a New Jersey neighborhood, and it all involves something "supernatural" and the QB for the Green Bay Packers?

Yep, Aaron Rodgers is coming clean about a "close encounter" he had over 10 years ago.

But it didn't happen on the field. He claims he saw a UFO in the sky!

"It was definitely large in the night sky....moving from left to right," Rodgers stated.

Rodgers shared his "out of this world" story on a nerdy chat he had with a podcast called "You Made It Weird."

"Again, we're at like 12:30 at night here," the former NFL MVP continued.

Rodgers claims the event took place on a snowy night at a friend's house in New Jersey long before he had even been drafted into the NFL.

And he says his friends saw the unexplained craft just like he did.

Could this explain Rodgers' seemingly super-human plays on the field? Could he have been abducted by aliens?

For now, all Rodgers will say is, "What in the (*bleep*) was that?"

Well maybe next season the QB will add in some alien plays. The truth is out there...just do a double-check.