Alabama governor accused of affair with aide

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MONTGOMERY, AL - Uh-oh, looks like someone got caught slippin' . . . into another woman's pants.  This time, it's the Governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley.

It was the governor's chief cop, Spencer Collier, who spilled the beans about the existence of some juicy phone tapes. These included steamy conversations between the Bentley and one of his aides, Rebekah Caldwell Mason.

If you're curious about the steamy convo, you can listen to the tapes here.

These very professional tapes are a couple of years old. This is what the governor has to say about them today:

                             "I never had a physical affair with Mrs. Mason."

                            "There was no sexual activity."

                            "I have never asked any member of my staff or any cabinet member to lie."

Yet, the Alabama leader says he is "truly sorry"

What are you apologizing for though, Governor? All we're hearing is you didn't do anything wrong!

Last year, the governor divorced his wife of 50 years! Coincidence? We think not.

Tisk, Tisk, Governor Bentley, just come out and say it're a dog!