Glass will no longer be picked up curbside in the City of Houston

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HOUSTON, TX - Isn`t this a real pain in the glass? The City of Houston renewed curbside recycling pickup service to residents for the next two years. Problem is, effective immediately, glass is kicked to the curb...and won`t be collected at all.

The difference between this and older contracts is the City of Houston now pays out-of-pocket for curbside pickup instead of getting the usual kickback from the processing company. The City says, glass is destructive to the equipment, not to mention breakable and heavy.

Throwing it out of the deal completely lowers processing fees, and no glass will lower the $5.7 million dollar contract with waste management even more. But don't let the glass hit that wall just yet, you can still take your glass to recycling centers across the city.

The city will re-evaluate when the contract comes up for renewal.