Sarah Palin inks pilot deal for new reality courtroom TV show

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HELENA, MT - Get ready for some major courtroom drama!

No, it's not another OJ trial but definitely must-see TV with reality's newest TV judge.

"And now more than ever, we need someone tough!" Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin remarked at a past campaign rally.

Yep, here comes the judge!

It's Sarah Palin herself getting on her high horse.

According to People magazine, "Judge Palin" may soon be on the docket as a new reality TV show premiering next year.

The former governor reportedly inked a pilot deal with Warm Springs Productions in Montana.

Palin is currently in Alaska with her husband, who's still recovering from a serious snowmobile accident earlier this month.

As for the new show, some might say they saw this coming since Palin's last reality show, "Sarah Palin's Alaska," ended in 2011, and she has a knack for finding the spotlight.

"I don't think I'm stealing any spotlight," Palin once said out on the campaign trail. "In fact, if anyone thinks I'm stealing the spotlight- Go! Go! Go find the other folks."

There is one technicality for the new show, however. Palin does not have a law degree, nor has she ever had any legal training, and she's definitely not a judge.

As Palin once said on her prior reality show, "that was a Eureka moment!"

Oh yeah!

But hey, who needs a law degree to be a judge on TV, anyway?