SWAT team moves in on ‘person of interest’ in Coronado case

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MAGNOLIA,  TX - Justice may be on the way in the violent killings of a Katy teen and her father.

After the bodies of 14-year-old Adriana Coronado and her father Cesar Coronado were found earlier this month, authorities have been working round the clock to find the perpetrators.

This morning, some residents in Magnolia were awakened by a SWAT team.

Ashley Mudd's fiance' woke her up around 6am, "and he was like, someone got shot, and I was like, 'What?' Like freaked out."

Turns out police were reportedly moving in on a "person of interest" in the Coronado case, though the neighbors said they never heard any shots fired.

"And there was like unmarked cars all down the road, and there was a Montgomery County Sheriff, just one, and so we thought that was really weird," Mudd added.

The police were at this mobile home where at least one person was taken into custody.

"Then we saw like a SWAT guy kinda in our yard,  and that was like weird," Mudd shared. "And they were taking off these suits."

Details are still coming together, but this neighbor says she knows nothing about the people living at the mobile home.

But the whole scary ordeal has her on edge. "What if he was just gonna like murder anybody?" Mudd pondered.

As the investigation continues, perhaps more questions will be answered soon.