There is a war over highway fonts between Texas and the Feds

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HOUSTON, TX - When it comes to road signs, there's little room for creativity. But way back in 2004, Texas (and a few other states) found what they claimed to be a better and safer font than the federally mandated one called Highway Gothic. The US government greenlighted the use of the new Clearview font over 10 years ago and today it's seen all over the Lone Star State.

Good. But get ready to hit the brakes! Looks like Clearview has reached the end of the road. The Feds are now saying it's back to Highway Gothic or it's the highway. What The Font!

Well, we took to the streets with an examples of both fonts and Texas drivers seemed to have a clear favorite. Most picked Clearview. But the Feds see it a different way. The government is calling for all future signs in Texas to display the original Highway Gothic font. TXDot, on the other hand, is asking the highway administration to reconsider not killing Clearview. Looks like a font war is beginning to brew.