Baylor professor takes care of student’s baby in class

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WACO, TX - It's not everyday you see a bodybuilder carrying a baby in a college classroom . . . unless perhaps you're at Baylor.

Katy Humphrey, who juggles the responsibilities of being a new mom and full-time college student,  made ends meet when her babysitter cancelled on her before class.

Humphrey did what she had to do. She took her daughter, Millie, to class with her.

Millie started getting fussy, so the professor decided to take matters into his own hands . . . or biceps.

Dr. Darryn Willoughby says he "grabbed her up"  and "didn't miss a beat".

Katy was pleased with her professor's reaction. "He toted her around like a football, and was totally content the whole time"

Ooh, seems like baby Millie has a type!

Willoughby wanted to give the busy mom a break and make her feel comfortable.

Being a mom is arguably the toughest job out there, and it's touching to see others lend a helping hand.

Though this prof may have some rock hard muscles, he sure has a soft heart.


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