Flight attendant busted for trying to smuggle 70 lbs. of cocaine

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LOS ANGLES, CA - Apparently you can get just about anything at the airport these days, including coke.

No, not just the soft drink.

This kind of coke, as in 70 pounds of the illegal "bugger-sugar!"

That's what this Jet Blue flight attendant allegedly attempted to smuggle through security at LAX airport.

The former Jamaican beauty queen, Marsha Gay Reynolds, who also was a track star at NYU, reportedly kicked off her Gucci shoes and bolted out the door when her bags were selected for a random security screening.

She even managed to hop a flight to New York City, only to later turn herself in.

"There's more to the story, and when the facts will come out, everyone will be surprised," one investigator predicted.

For now, the beauty queen has been charged with the intent to distribute drugs.

So how could a flight attendant be pushing $3 Million worth of coke?

Retired TSA Deputy Administrator John Halinski said "more robust random screening of employees with the continual vetting I think is a solution."

That solution just might put a scare in some airport employees.

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