Louisiana pastor entombs himself until Easter

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SHREVEPORT, LA - Got any weekend plans? How about spending 36 hours locked in a coffin? . . . No volunteers?!

Well, that's exactly how Bishop Rickey Moore's weekend is going down. He's trying to get people in Louisiana to come visit his church, Sunrise Baptist.

During his entombment, the bishop won't have access to food, water or a toilet. His parish is hosting a live, 4-part, Easter drama. "It's gonna be just like you were there" he claims.

Wow, Moore thinks y'all really need Jesus! He's willing to sleep in his own poop to get you closer to God.

We can't tell if he loves Jesus or attention . . . either way, he's turnin' heads.

Moore says he's nowhere near Jesus. "I've made many, many mistakes. I'm not perfect."

Well Mr. Bishop, hate to break it to ya, but this might be one of those mistakes. We just hope those 36 hours don't kill ya . . . or that coffin might be your permanent resting spot!

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