Speed Limit Enforcement Could Be Coming To A State Near You

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Houston - When heading out on the highway some folks believe there are certain speeds you can get away with.

Of course, there's fact...and then there's urban myth.

So, how far over the speed limit can you go before you meet the po-po?

Rett Rabe of Houston said "seven miles an hour." "That's a rough number. That's what I hear."

"Ten miles an hour is cool," Jimi Wolf added. "Anything beyond that is crazy."

"I think normally it's like five miles an hour over, and I've done that with no problem," Rick Rocha said.

Houstonian James Williams agreed that "probably about five to seven miles over the speed limit should be fine."

Well, just what speed will get you pulled over?

"In College Station, five miles per hour over," Rabe confessed. "I got a ticket. Sure did."

"I was going probably a couple miles over...two or three miles over and got a ticket," Joshua Sierra shared.

So, the "speed myth" might become crystal clear soon. For instance, North Carolina plans to crack down on this myth with a new safety program called, "Obey the Sign, or Pay The Fine."

And other states could soon follow, so watch out!

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