Texas man spends $1,000 on a bottle of ranch

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DALLAS, TX - For centuries, people have moved heaven and Earth for a ranch.  But would you pay $1,000 to put ranch dressing on your pizza?  Get this: somebody in Texas just did.

The Cane Rosso pizzeria started this thing as a joke.  The owner put a bottle of ranch dressing in a box on the wall with the one thousand dollar price tag next to it.  Basically, the message was "here you don't put ranch dressing on your pizza."  But the pictures went viral.  So, as part of a fundraiser to help an animal shelter, Josh Tipton decided to pay the full amount and get that darn dressing.

"It's so legendary," he laughed.  "I've kind of always thought about buying it.  I never thought I'd have the opportunity to.  Only in Texas: only in Dallas could you spend $1,000 on a bottle of ranch."

The whole story sounds crazy, right?  So, there you go: if you think life is like a pizza with the right type of dressing… well, you have a serious problem, my friend.  In the meantime, just give us your money: we'll find a better use for it.

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