Alleged fake cancer patient scams community out of $60,000

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ARDSLEY, NY - Talk about take the money and run.

An alleged "fake" cancer patient in New York is accused of scamming friends and neighbors out of $60,000!

This single mom, Shivonie Deokaran, posted pictures of herself looking like a cancer patient on fundraising websites then claimed she only had 18 months to live.

Everyone pitched in with donations, even the town crier got involved.

Well, not the town crier, but the town supervisor sure did. "From my post we raised about $12,000," Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner shared.

From there, a GoFundMe page raised more than $25,000.

People even pitched in for a therapy dog named "Gia" to comfort the supposed cancer patient.

But now the police are putting this patient's claims under a microscope, and when they asked for medical records to prove her cancer claims, the patient became silent.

She reportedly closed her Indian restaurant and moved to Florida.

Local firefighter John Clear said, "It's disappointing that somebody would do that."

Another resident agreed. "You can't trust, unfortunately."

Now residents say people will be less likely to donate to "real" causes.

"It will make it much harder to raise funds in the future for other people who desperately need help," Feiner added.

Another local woman expressed her outrage. "It's horrible people are taking advantage of the kindness of their neighbors."

For now, the alleged cancer patient's boyfriend says they aren't talking...until they talk to a lawyer.

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