Belgian authorities release arrested terror suspect, intensify search for third man

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BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - In Belgium, as another day passes, another round of terrorist arrests take place.

After authorities raided 13 different houses in and around Brussels on Sunday, three new suspects were arrested for "participating in activities of a terrorist group" while six others were questioned and released.

But the Belgians also admitted they made a major blunder in their investigation.

The guy they arrested last week and charged with terrorism and murder that they thought was the man in white with the hat -- turned out to be the wrong guy.

So, after holding him in custody for three days authorities let him go.

Investigators believe the mysterious "third man" from the airport bombing is still at large.

Belgian officials have released airport surveillance video of the "man in white" in hopes that someone can identify him.

Meanwhile, the death toll has now risen to 35, as relatives of an american couple killed in the airport attack remembered their loved ones.

"All I could do is cry," Dale Branam, an uncle of one of the victims, said. "He hated no one.  He would friend anyone in the world."

Another victim's aunt, Betty Newsom, said of her niece, "she was a peacemaker. If there were family and friends upset she was the one trying to make peace. She is the kind of person you wish everyone was just like that."

With the manhunt intensifying, authorities hope they can bring justice to those who carried out the violent attacks.

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