Easter egg hunt has major cracks, parents are to blame

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ORANGE, CONNECTICUT -  When it comes to Easter egg hunts, sometimes the best laid plans are not all they`re cracked up to be.

Excitement was building all week for a free event near the PEZ company's visitor center in Connecticut. On the day of the hunt, a huge crowd gathered. The hunt was to go in stages by age, with the youngest kids hunting first.

Oh....they had a plan, alright. But the adults didn`t seem to care.

"When it came time for like 10:30, like the parents just bum-rushed that area," says Nicole Welch, who took her child.

There was pushing. Shoving. Kicking. Screaming.......and that was the parents!!!

PEZ General Manager Shawn Peterson says, “It was like locusts. Everybody just descended and then left."

Not since the candy company introduced PEZ guns 30 years ago have they had such an epic fail. The PEZ dispenser was in the shape of a 9 millimeter hand-gun and the candy was loaded like a bullet clip. Then you would shoot yourself in the mouth to retrieve the little candy.

As for the Easter egg hunt, the staff scrambled to regain order, but it was too late.

Welch says, "When my son left he had a broken basket and was hysterically crying.”

And the PEZ people were left with egg on their face.


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