LYFT driver gets canned over anti-Muslim rant

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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - A LYFT driver in Utah took a wrong turn. He started talking political smack with a couple of his passengers.

"He started to say that Muslims categorically are terrorists,” says Samuel Grenny. “And then he proceeded to call Muslims pieces of crap but a much unkinder word than that. At that point my girlfriend started videotaping, she was very shaken."

Driver: "Muslims are pieces of (bleep).”

Samuel: "Oh good please tell me some more about how you feel man."

Samuel’s girlfriend: "What year is it?"

Samuel: "Yea, for real are you serious?"

Grenny doesn`t mind talking politics with folks who disagree with his views, but he says this LYFT driver named "Dave" went way over the line with his anti-Muslim rhetoric.

As the heated exchange did the recording. Samuel feared for their physical safety.

Driver: "Why don't you pull your head out of your (bleep)."

Samuel: "Why don't you pick up a freaking book man. You are literally what's wrong with this country and you're trying to blame minorities."

Driver: "No you are the one that's wrong with this (bleep) country."

The couple got kicked out, and wasted no time letting LYFT know just how “off” this driver was.

Grenny says, “I don't think there is a place for someone in the service industry who can't treat all humans fairly."

LYFT agrees and canned Dave the driver immediately. Samuel got an apology and a refund, after getting quite an earful!

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