Pilot Arrested For Allegedly Being Drunk Just Before Take-Off

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Romulus, MI - Looks like the FAA may need to start a "Don't Drink and Fly" campaign after an American Airlines pilot got grounded for allegedly being plastered.

Yeah, passengers boarded their flight in Detroit and knew they were in trouble when they heard from the captain.

Well, actually it was the co-pilot who was flying high.

The TSA first reported he was acting strange as if he had been drinking.

So right before takeoff, the airport police rushed to the plane.

Jamie Blane, a passenger on the flight, noticed the airport police car. "I said, 'They're coming to get somebody,' then I looked out and saw and said, 'Oh, they really are.'"

The co-pilot reportedly failed a breathalyzer, and he was taken into custody.

The flight was canceled.

"They had him handcuffed, and they were putting him into the vehicle," Blane said.

Blane's son, Mitchell, was also relieved. "I'm glad I'm safe, and they got him."

American Airlines issued a statement noting, "We will handle this matter appropriately..."

Meantime, the passengers hope for a little kick-back. Blane said, "We will file a complaint and see if they will compensate us for all of the trouble."

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