FBI drops lawsuit against Apple since finding their own hacker

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WASHINGTON, D.C.  -  The FBI has a message for Apple regarding that lawsuit it filed against the tech giant, “Nevermind!”

Seems the Department of Justice no longer needs Apple`s help to unlock an i-Phone used by Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the gunmen in last year`s terror attack in San Bernardino.

The DOJ managed to get into the phone with the help of a third party. No telling how they did it and they aren`t giving up the name of their personal hacker. But this ends about five weeks of legal back-and-forth because of Apple`s tight security features.

No one....not even Apple....can get into somebody`s i-Phone without the pass code. So the FBI asked nicely for Apple`s help. To which Apple replied, “No way!”  The Feds then said, “See you in court!” But on Monday, they officially dropped the suit against the fruit.

Other i-Phone users might have concerns about this because it begs the question, does this mean my  i-Phone ain`t so secure after all?

Meanwhile, Belgian authorities have asked the FBI for help accessing data from phones and other electronics after the Brussels attack.

Maybe the Feds are setting up their own Genius Bar, and calling it: F-B-iGot this!

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