Gawker founder responds to Hulk Hogan’s $115 million court judgment

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL - In the smackdown match of Hulk Hogan versus Gawker Media, nothing has been settled yet.

A war of words is heating up, and now Gawker Media Group founder Nick Denton is punching back through the media.

"You need people who are prepared, sometimes, just to blurt out the truth, blurt out the real story, say what's actually happening," Denton said.

What's actually happening is Gawker is appealing the $115 Million court judgment against them for releasing that infamous sex tape of Hogan getting down and dirty with his best friend's wife.

Denton says Hogan opened the door to release the tape when he first started talking about it publicly. "He talked about the sex tape on TMZ beforehand," Denton insisted. "And it's every citizen's right, it's every journalist's right to join in on that conversation."

So in other words, Gawker's saying, "We're not gonna pay!"

Well, at least Denton says there will be a re-match! "We're confident the appeals court will find, as they have in the past, that this story was newsworthy."

But jurors are speaking out, too.

Juror Shane O'Neil said "it was very clear that this was an invasion of privacy, and it was very clear that he did not want that tape put out to the public."

Oh, let the re-match begin!

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