Evading arrest? Suspects seem to like the bayou

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HOUSTON, TEXAS -  Sometimes you just gotta ask, “What were they thinking?”

We`re calling the latest trend in evading arrest the Drive & Dive.  You know, when suspects think they can get away from cops by any means necessary?

Just before midnight on Tuesday, cops were dealing with a routine traffic stop when they discovered the driver had several warrants for unpaid tickets. They were about to arrest him, when he took off.

“He led them on a short pursuit to the intersection of I-10 and Taylor where he lost control of the car and struck a pole,” says Lt.  Larry Crowson, HPD. “He then jumped out, ran on foot, leaving a female passenger in the car. He ran about half-way across the bridge.”

The suspect made a 30-foot drop and ran right into White Oak Bayou, into a storm sewer, where he stayed for the next two hours.

“Officers from our dive team came out, were able to make contact with him, and convince him to come back out of the pipe and take him into custody.”

They also found an AK-47 in his car. He`s facing felony charges.

Just a couple of days ago, Jose Luis Orta attempted to swim away from the cuffs as well. He led police on a high-speed chase that turned into a muddy stand-off and Orta half-naked in the Brazos River.

About two weeks before that, the chase ended at Buffalo Bayou. Firefighters were moments away from dragging the suspect in this case outta the drink, but he didn`t wanna be rescued. He removed the safety line, swam downstream, and was never found.

Three Drive & Dives in three weeks???  When it comes to swimming, these suspects are a far cry from Michael Phelps!