Little boys attack commuter on train with punches, kicks, obscenities and more

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PHILADELPHIA, PA - Talk about a wild ride! A poor commuter on the train in Philadelphia got way more than he bargained for when a group of little boys started attacking him.

Most of the footage of the boys' attack can't even be aired on TV because the language these kids used is so vile. The little hooligans are overheard repeatedly dropping F-bombs and calling the guy filming them everything from a rapist to a busy "B."

The little "monsters" punch and kick the man several times then even spit at him. The unbelievable confrontation was caught on camera, and the guy recording it quickly posted it to Facebook.

He began recording the kids after he said they "smacked a lady" passenger and cursed her out.

Chief Thomas Nestal of the SEPTA Police shared his thoughts. "When you watch that video, as a parent and as a human being, you're alarmed for the well-being of those children."

At one point, a woman with the boys is overheard saying "Watch your mouth!" to the kids, but that appears to be the only discipline doled out.

After watching the altercation, one passenger commented, "I have never seen anything like that with children of that age."

Surprisingly, the man behind the camera has no animosity toward the kids. He just hopes they can get therapy.

"The goal is to get them help," Nestal added.

It looks like they sure need it!