Man claiming to be William Shatner’s illegitimate son suing for $170 million

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TAMPA, FLORIDA -  For 30 years, a Florida radio show host has been saying actor William Shatner boldly went where no man had been before: a hook-up with his mom while working in Toronto.

Peter Sloan, 59,  says Shatner scored and he`s the illegitimate result!

He was adopted and met his birth mother in the ‘80’s. She told him about Shatner, whose been denying the daddy claim ever since. So, Sloan`s suing, demanding a DNA test.

According to TMZ, Sloan says the he actually met Shatner on the set of TJ Hooker in 1984. Shatner denies that.

Proof of paternity isn't the final frontier. Sloan also wants  $170-million.

He tells the Tampa Tribune Shatner`s denial makes him look like a liar. “There has been a pattern of behavior that makes me look like I am lying, and I won`t stand for that anymore. I am tired of being called a fraud by his people and him.”

Sloan says he doesn`t want a dime. Just "beam me up" to bond with dear old dad.