Science finds a possible link between cat poop and anger problems in owners

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CHICAGO, IL -  Anger might be a reaction you get from cleaning out a dirty litter box. No one likes smelly cat poo. Yuck! But get this, science is saying it might not the stink that's making you stew. It could be something more surprising.

A new study by the University of Chicago says people prone to bouts of explosive anger might be feeling the effects of a parasite found in cat feces. This supposed feline fury could be a result of someone coming into contact with toxoplasma gondii, a parasite found in undercooked meat, contaminated water and in the bowels of some kitties.

Now, before you start taking it out on your furry friend, just know that the CDC says 60 million Americans might already have the naughty little poop parasite in them. In most cases it's considered pretty harmless. Still, researchers found that in some unlucky folks, toxoplasma gondii might just set them off!

It's called Intermittent Explosive Disorder, and it causes suffers to rage against everything. Researchers found those diagnosed with the disorder are twice as likely to carry the parasite. Which means, people who might be bugging out, could be under the influence of an actual bug.

More research still has to be done on this possible link between cat poo and anger problems. But cats on the other hand, who already control the internet, are one step closer to world domination.