Son of Russian Oil Tycoon billion dollar wedding

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA- You only get married once . . . well, you should if you decide to spend a billion bucks on tying the knot!

That's how much Russian oil tycoon spend on his son Said Gutseriev's big day.

Who on earth is the lucky - and now very wealthy- lady? Khajida Uzhakhov is a dental student at Moscow University. Her family is from one of Russia's poorest regions.

Why so serious girl? In these videos, you're lookin' a little stiff for a woman at her dream wedding. Is it because your million dollar dress covered in lavish jewels, the one imported from Paris, weighs 25 pounds and you can barely move? Rough life.

What the hell does a billion dollar wedding look like? For starters, guests rolled up in luxury wheels: Rolls Royce's, Bentley's, you know, the usual.

For attendees curious what it's like to be at the Latin Music Awards, they got a taste of it that night.

Pop stars, JLo and Enrique Iglesias got paid the big bucks to perform at the reception. Not to mention Sting played too - ha, must be nice!

That's not all, the 9-tier cake was taller than any of the guests! And the amount of roses used was more than most women get in a lifetime.

In order for the big shot family to approve of the wedding, they made sure the bride still had her v-card intact. We can only imagine what the honeymoon to this wedding is gonna be like.

Keep livin' large guys, we'll keep living vicariously through you.