Study says 1 in 5 employees willing to sell company passwords to hackers

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AUSTIN, TX -  While many companies spend a fortune to guard against computer hackers, new research is showing many corporate breeches are inside jobs. Security and management company, SailPoint, did a study on the workplace and their finding are eye-opening. Kevin Cunningham, president and founder of SailPoint says, "1 in 5 employees indicate they'd be willing to sell their passwords to external people."

SailPoint surveyed 1000 employees working at different companies and found a surprising 20% of them would sell vital employer information to hackers. 44% of those willing to sell passwords, would do it for less than 1000 bucks. And some, for as little as a $100. That's low! Cunningham adds, "It may that even be company secretes. It may be credit card information. It may be personal information about other people who are customers of that company. Sometimes it's the very same information that they're concerned about for their own sake, but not concerned about others." Better employee training and keeping up with the latest security technology are ways to combat these company snitches.

And while we all know that hacking is rotten to the core, Apple wants to get to know a certain code breaker. The FBI recently announced they were able to unlock an iPhone belonging to the San Bernardino shooters. Apple didn't want to help the Feds hack into their phone in the beginning. Now that the deed is done, the fruity company now wants to know how the FBI did it. Fat chance the Feds are talking.