Amy Schumer takes issue with latest Glamour issue

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NEW YORK - Comedienne Amy Schumer makes us laugh, but she`s also the first to laugh at herself.  Her self-deprecating shtick even has her laughing.....all the way to the bank!

But, Amy ain`t laughing now about her latest mention in Glamour Magazine.

Amy's taking issue with the mag because she appeared on the plus-size special edition cover.

On Instagram she says, “There`s nothing wrong with being plus-size. But plus-size is considered size 16 in America.  I range between a 6 and an 8.”

Schumer`s basically saying, plus-size my (bleep)!  Her post also says sizing her up incorrectly sends the wrong message to young girls.

Schumer says the magazine`s latest issue is not so glamorous after all.

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