Florida hunters nab a gator weighing nearly 800 pounds

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OKEECHOBEE, FLORIDA - Shopping for a new pair of alligator shoes? How about an alligator purse or belt?  Can you imagine how many you`d get from a nearly 15-foot long, 780-pound gator?

A reptile that size was nabbed on a Florida farm in Okeechobee.

Lee Lightsey and Blake Godwin were on a guided hunt when they spotted the monster gator in a cattle pond. He surfaced right in front of `em.  Cattle remains indicate he`d been snacking on livestock. But, trust us, this guy was looking for his next meal and the two hunters looked mighty tasty.

Lightsey shot him from about 20 feet away.  The hunters plan on donating the meat to charity, then stuffing the big guy to display at hunting shows.

Still wondering just how big he was?  He was so big, they needed a tractor to haul him outta the water!

Now, that`s what you call gator-aid!


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