Helmet Cam Shows Florida Motorcyclist Nearly Run Off The Road, Chauffeur Takes A Crowbar To A Car In LA

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Miami, FL - There seems to be a lot of rage against the machine these days.

No, not from the band, from the road rage on our highways.

In Florida, this motorcycle rider got into a crazy altercation with a man driving a Ford Fusion, and the whole intense chase was caught on the cyclist's helmet cam.

The incident apparently first started when the motorcycle rider was "lane-splitting" at an intersection.

The driver of the red Ford Fusion got angry, and then the chase was on.

The Fusion driver even spits at the biker during the crazy ride.

At one point, the cyclist posted that he smacked the car's mirror.

No one has been charged in the wild ride, but as fast as these two were flying , they're lucky to be alive .

Meanwhile, in California, things aren't so friendly on the roadways there, either.

Talk about a lucky break!

A driver said after a limo rear-ended him, this chauffeur came after him with a crowbar, but as you see on video, his window did not  even crack.

No arrest was made, but police are still investigating this incident.

Geez, with so many hot tempers behind the wheel it looks like it's time to "buckle up and get ready for a bumpy ride!"

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