Nurse Loses License Over Penis Pics

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Fulton, NY - A nurse has lost her license after losing control over a patient's penis.

Yeah, Nurse "Johnson" apparently couldn't keep her i-Phone camera away from a patient's "Johnson."

Now she's paying the price for that, according to the New York State Education Department.

Kristen Johnson was arrested last May after co-workers "blew the whistle" on the 27-year-old nurse for taking pictures of an unconscious patient's penis, and then sending the snapshots to her co-workers.

Although originally charged with two felony counts of "unlawful surveillance," Johnson plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of sharing unlawful surveillance photos to get the felony charge dropped.

So now, in addition to losing her license, she's also serving probation for three years.

This wasn't exactly Nurse Johnson's only offense.

Authorities said she also grabbed some video of a comatose woman's rectum during a different surgery.

Both the patients and their families were made aware of Johnson's misconduct.

So, this is one nurse who won't be seeing patients again.

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