San Francisco requires both mom and dad get six weeks maternity leave

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA- Ahh, the miracle of life! Nothing quite as beautiful as meeting your newborn baby  -- until your boss starts calling and you have to choose between bonding with your child or putting food on the table.

Thanks to a new policy, San Francisco residents don't have to make that choice.

It's tough enough trying to afford the cost of living there, especially if your cash flow stops.

The city feels the pain of working parents. That's why they've become the first to require six weeks of paid leave to mom and dads!

On the flip side, small businesses are frowning at the city's decision.

They say that can't afford to pay the parent -- on top of training someone else while they're out -- especially in a state where minimum wage is higher than average.

Overall, the ruling is a step forward. Nationally, companies are only required to give moms twelve weeks of unpaid leave; but 25% of them go back within two weeks because they can't afford more time off.

Compared to the rest of the world, the U.S. has one of the worst maternity leave policies. 

Leave it to the Bay Area to put family first!

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