Scientists say we can cloak the Earth to hide from evil aliens

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NEW YORK, NY - Lets face it, if aliens ever do visit the Earth, chances are they'll be less like E.T. and more like Predator. Even super-brainiac Stephen Hawking warns us about making contact with extra terrestrials. To avoid this possible "war of the worlds" scenario, a pair of scientists from Columbia University have concocted a plan, they say, will save our planet from alien plunder. They want to make the Earth invisible. What?

Alex Teachey; from Columbia University Department of Astronomy says, "Building a cloaking device for a planet is totally possible. In fact, we humans can could build a cloaking device for the Earth right now." Scientists say the way to actually spot far off worlds is to wait till those planets pass in front of a star. If the starlight gets blocked, guess what? You just found a planet. So if we want to hide the earth from evil aliens, we have to make sure we leave no shadows behind. Teachey says, "We've calculated you can totally do this, absolutely feasible to fill in that missing starlight with lasers."

According to Columbia University, a modest laser shooting out from the earth, could send out a beam of light wide enough to cover our tracks and cloak the earth. Teachey adds, "Any planet falling within that beam would not observe the dip in starlight. They would not see our transit at all. They would deduce that there is no planet there at all."

Out of sight, out of mind. Great! But now that our planet's safe from aliens, who's going to protect the earth from us?

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