Texas executes more inmates than any other state

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HOUSTON, TX - It kind of feels like execution are becoming more and more frequent these days, especially in Texas. It`s only April and Texas has already executed the sixth death row inmate this year.

Pablo Lucio Vasquez, aka "The Vampire Killer"

Pablo Lucio Vasquez, aka "The Vampire Killer"

Pablo Lucio Vasquez, aka “The Vampire Killer.” He was executed Wednesday for not only killing a 12-year-old boy in Donna, Texas back in 1998, but also drinking his blood.

Amnesty International says last year executions were up 54% globally, but luckily down in the U.S. from previous years. Texas, however, still carries the torch as last year the Lone Star State carried out 13 of the 28 executions preformed on American soil. That`s more than one a month.

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