Pope releases new document covering divorce, same-sex marriages and more

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VATICAN CITY - For the Catholic Church, it`s a little more tolerance, and a little less judgment. That`s part of the message from Pope Francis` latest literary release – “The Joy of Love.”

For the LGBT community, it contains a mixed message. The same pope that said '”Who am I to judge?” back in 2013 when it came to a question on homosexuality, took this opportunity to state that while many relationships can offer stability, that doesn't mean the church should see same-sex unions on the same level with marriage.

Pope Francis also addressed divorce, and its effect on the freedom to receive communion. One interpretation is, while he didn't change any official rules, that he did urge pastors to make up their minds on this at a local level.

But that's not everyone's opinion.  “This document doesn’t actually change anything substantively in church teaching, it just doesn’t,” says Dr. Randall Smith, Scanlan Professor of Theology at University of St. Thomas. He continues, “The document isn’t primarily about divorce, the document is primarily about marriage, and saving marriage.”

For those that have criticized this pope for being a little too liberal, they might have a point. The Vatican did invite democratic candidate Senator Bernie Sanders for a visit, one to take place just after his upcoming debate with Hillary Clinton in New York.

While that`s not necessarily a papal endorsement, we can verify that Donald Trump is not tweeting about his own invitation, and if Trump`s not tweeting about it, it probably did not happen.