Shawn Oakman, another Baylor football player, is accused of sexual assault

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WACO, TX - Another "personal foul" for a former Baylor football player.

This is the third player from the Christian university accused of sexual assault in just three years! Shawn Oakman, who played for the Baylor Bears just last season, is being investigated for rape.

Two of his former teammates have been in similar situations.

In 2014, Tevin Elliot was sentenced to twenty years behind bars for sexual assault. In 2015, Sam Ukwauchu got 190 days in the slammer, plus 10 years of probation -- for the same damn thing.

Now it's 2016 and Oakman's keeping the "bad bear" streak going.

The Waco Police department say the former defensive end met his accuser at Scruffy Murphy's bar.   After-hours got a little scruffier when the alleged victim says Oakman to her took his place and forced her to have sex.

Oakman says the sex was consensual . . . police are investigating.

More bad news for Oakman -- the NFL draft is coming up, and he's a top contender  . . . maybe not anymore!

This investigation made headlines April 7th, which also happens to be the athlete's birthday.

The Baylor football player has not been arrested or charged. With this trend continuing to grow, colleges may need to better educate students on consent!