Tennessee police fatally shoots woman who charged at officer with Medieval-style axe

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GALLATIN, TN - A fatal police shooting caught on body cam, but it's not your typical draw and fire kind of situation.

Things turned deadly in Sumner County, Tennessee after a woman pulled an 18-inch Medieval-style axe on a cop.  She stabbed sheriff deputy Gary Pickard, then charged at backup Gallatin police officer, James Spray.

Cops say 40-year-old Laronda Sweatt became combative while they were serving an eviction at her Gallatin  home, about 30 miles northeast of Nashville.

"I was just in shock cause I didn't expect an eviction to go that wrong," one neighbor said.

According to family members, Sweatt suffered from bipolar disorder and was on medication.  Relative Sandra Jenkins said, "It happens too often.  You know, mental illness, people getting killed.  It needs to stop."

"Our thoughts and prayers are out to him and the Sweatt family and of course, to the officer involved in the shooting," said Gallatin Police chief, Donald Bandy.

Officer Spray is on leave while the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation looks into this bizarre situation.  Deputy Pickard is expected to be okay, but it looks like everyone involved in this will need some time to heal.

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