Canadian couple sues Georgia sperm bank over mentally ill donor who allegedly lied on his profile

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Ontario, Canada - A sperm bank in Georgia is feeling the heat.

That's because one of it's "donors" apparently lied on the sperm donor website, and that's led to one big lawsuit against them and the donor.

Yeah, instead of being a PhD candidate with multiple college degrees and having an IQ of 160, turns out the donating dad is really a convicted felon who never finished college and suffers from schizophrenia.

A couple in Canada made the discovery when the sperm bank apparently sent an email to them by accident, seven years after their child was conceived.

The felon donor fathered 36 children, even though he has reportedly been in and out of mental hospitals.

So, we wondered what qualities viewers would look for from a sperm donor site?

"I'm gonna want great physical features, high IQ, all of that," one woman said.

Another lady had to think about it a bit. "Physically, I don't know...someone tall.  Maybe someone like (Jake ) Marisnick from the Astros, maybe."

Would you sue if you found out your donor lied to you?

"I don't think it would really matter. I think the kid would be fine," a lady responded.

"The company is liable. And not only should they refund the money, but I mean I also think they are subject to damages as well," another woman insisted.

As many as 15 other families "fathered" in this case may join the Canadian couple's lawsuit.

It just goes to can't believe everything you read on the internet!

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