Snake bit!

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FREEPORT -  Here's a story that may "rattle" you, mate.

Meet the rattlesnake, one of the most feared reptiles in the South.  This bloke doesn't go looking for trouble, but trouble finds him.

This time, "trouble" was a teenager walking the dunes on Surfside Beach in Freeport when a rattler bit him. The 14-year-old boy was Life Flighted to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he's recovering.

He's doing better than a "sheila" in Indonesia who was bitten by a King Cobra.  Twenty-nine year old, pop singer Irma Bule, who performs with snakes, was bitten on the thigh after she stepped on the serpent.  Strikey, strikey- that had to hurt, but Bule must be a bit of a "fruit loop" because she refused the antidote. Forty-five minutes later she was dead!

So what should you do if a snake crosses your path?  Orry Martin, The Texas Snake Hunter says, "When you see a snake, just let them be and it'll most likely be the last time you ever see that snake."

Good advice, unless you're on a plane. And if that happens, you're just a snake bit, mate.

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