Starbucks serves offensive message in a grande way

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ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA -  A Starbucks barista may be in a latte hot water.  A customer ordered a Grande White Mocha. Seems simple enough, right? But instead of seeing his name on his cup, which is Starbucks usual, his cup read, “Diabetes, here I come.”

A 16-ounce White Mocha has 470 calories. So, maybe the message was a joke? But this customer ain`t laughing. Both his sisters have diabetes.  "Seeing and knowing the struggle my sisters went through since third, fourth grade, it definitely struck a nerve."

Starbucks manager, Kent Miller says, "No, we definitely don't condone."

According to the manager, only the type of drink and customer`s name should be written on the label.

This customer had a real bean to grind over this whole incident, so he left his own message. “Two of my sisters are diabetic, so, not funny.” He also says, no apology necessary....just don`t judge others.

Hey, remember over the holidays when Starbucks was at the center of “cup-gate” the controversy over the red cup?

Now this?

Oh, it`s another brouhaha, alright. Only this time, there was plenty of brew, but no ha-ha.

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