Terror suspect reveals future targets for attacks including 2016 Euro Soccer Championships

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BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - Now that police have nabbed Brussels terror suspect Mohamed Abrini, authorities say Abrini is cooperating.

Yeah, apparently he's talking up a storm about all kinds of terrorist activities.

First, Abrini confessed to being "the mysterious man in the hat."

And after sharing how he made his slick getaway following the Brussels Airport bombing, Abrini's now telling authorities about other terror plots which he says included targeting one of the biggest sports events in the world!

Yeah, the upcoming 2016 Euro Soccer Championships in France. The summer tournaments attract millions from all over the world.

Other evidence shows that the terror cell was also potentially targeting La Defense shopping mall in Paris and a Catholic association as well.

Since Abrini's DNA was found in the Belgian apartment bomb factory  where the terror cell made its bombs for the ISIS Paris attacks last November, Abrini has been charged with "taking part in terrorist activities and terrorist murders."

Investigators are working to verify Abrini's claims about future targets.

Of course, when it comes to dealing with terrorists, it's hard to be sure about anything.

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