Trump’s kids forget to register to vote for him, Hillary stumbles after “semi-racist” joke

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New York, NY - A funny thing happened on the way to the voting booth for the Trump kids-- they forgot to register to vote for dad!

Yeah, Trump's kids Eric and Ivanka actually forgot to register as Republicans in time to vote in next week's New York primary.

And this comes after Ivanka made several videos in other states lecturing people on how to register to vote.

'The Donald' tweeted about his kids saying, "They feel very, very guilty."

But Trump is taking it all in stride jokingly saying he's just going to cut off their allowance.

Meantime, Hillary Clinton is doing a little damage control herself after a terrible attempt at a joke during a political dinner with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Even some supporters were baffled at Clinton going along with a joke rooted in racism talking about "C P" time.

"I've been there," Clinton said.

Yep, she was there alright when she thanked the mayor for his "delayed" endorsement.

De Blasio responded with, "Sorry, Hillary...I was running on CP time." Some jeers were suddenly heard in the audience.

An African-American actor who was part of the "skit" then announced, "I don't like jokes like that, Bill."

Then, Clinton delivered a flat punchline: "Cautious Politician Time."

Ouch! That went over like a lead balloon.

Between Hillary and Trump, looks like the real joke may be on all of us!

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