7th Houston Zika virus infection, new threats discovered

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HOUSTON, TX -  The Zika virus needs to be taken seriously!

“Everything we look at with this virus seems to be a bit scarier than we originally thought,” expressed Dr. Anne Schuchat, Principal Deputy Director with the Center for Disease Control. New information is out daily. Not only is Zika a problem in the first trimester of pregnancy, but potentially throughout the entire pregnancy.

And while the virus is linked to microcephaly in babies, infected adults can also develop nerve conditions similar to multiple sclerosis.

Here in Houston, we now have our 7th case of Zika.

Kathy Barton, Chief of Public Affairs with Houston Health Department, explains that, “This was an older gentleman, between the ages of 65-70 who had traveled to El Salvador during the Christmas holidays.”

The seven infected here in Houston had all traveled to either Central America or South America. None of them were pregnant, nor have they faced any nerve conditions.

Just because we haven’t had transmission of Zika in Houston yet, doesn’t mean it can’t happen. “We certainly have aedes aegypti mosquitoes in Houston, and we’re encouraging people to reduce the breeding opportunities around their homes and to protect themselves,” says Barton.