All hands on deck…when a swordfish jumps into a boat and nearly spears a man!

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GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - Some fish tales may be hard to believe but this one could make you fall hook, line, and sword.

Yeah, move over Jaws, there's a new fish terrifying the seven seas, and it's all caught on camera.

In the Land Down Under -- "where women glow and men plunder" -- off the coast of Australia, this guy almost became sliced sushi himself when this blue marlin decided to hit the deck and narrowly missed spearing the fearless deckhand!

The video was like a similar incident a few years back, when a marlin jumped into the boat, and the deckhand jumped out.

Maybe the big fish just wanted a little attention, to become a star on a different kind of "reel."

You have to wonder, though, what's making these fish act so crazy...could it be some top secret operation or government experiment?

Well, this fish tale almost led to a serious operation for the first mate.

Talk about the one that got away...these fishermen will be talking about this one till the cows come home!