Missing mom’s body parts possibly found after her online “date” is arrested in connection with murder

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Seattle, WA -  A popular online dating ad asks, "Do you want fast, or forever?"

That's a question a lot of women ask when it comes to online dating, and sadly one single mom's first date was her last. And it appears to have ended in a terrible tragedy.

Ingrid Lyne disappeared after a date she had at a baseball game.

"And I just knew, you know...I just knew," Lyne's friend Nichole Rock shared.

Lyne's friends turned to social media to try to find her, but then the news only got worse when "fresh" body parts were discovered in plastic bags in a recycling bin just three miles from the ballpark.

"And it was just wrong... it was just so wrong," Rock continued.

Police now believe the human remains found belong to the missing nurse who was a mother of three.

Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole announced, "We're very confident that the victim is the one that has been identified in the media."

Following the grim discovery, police arrested a suspect in connection with their murder investigation.

"The suspect has been identified as John Robert Charlton," O'Toole stated.

Her friends say he is the man that Lyne met online.

"Why did he do this?" Rock questioned. "And then why did he put her in pieces?"

If Charlton did do it, police hope they can answer those questions in the coming days.

"And to think about, you know, her kids... and they need their mom," Rock reflected.  "Kids...they need a mom."

Perhaps police can at least deliver justice for Lyne's grieving family and friends.