Prank call causes fast food employees to break the restaurant’s windows

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COON RAPIDS, MN - What's up with all the prank calls to burger joints lately?

A Burger King in Minnesota is the latest in a string of hoaxes causing some terrifying moments and a lot of destruction.

Police came upon the scene reporting "multiple windows broken out."

"I guess I was a little scared," employee Ethan Grewe shared.

The restaurant received a call warning employees to break the windows or else the building would explode from a deadly gas leak.

So, the employees began breaking the glass. "My other co-workers were doing it so I just followed along," Grewe said.

As it turns out, it was all a prank-- and this one was a real Whopper!

"They do this prank, but it costs everybody money," Christa Jones, whose son works at the restaurant, protested.

The folks at a Burger King in California didn't think the joke was funny either, when they got played a couple months ago.

One of their employees was  even "punk'd" into driving his car through the windows!

Someone may be trying to send burger joints a message.

Police say felony charges could come to the culprits, so maybe they'll cool it and find some other way to express themselves.