Surveillance video in New Orleans reveals several moments leading up to the murder of former NFL player

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UPDATE – New Orleans police found two additional weapons Tuesday morning while executing search warrants tied to their investigation into the shooting death of former NFL player Will Smith. Detectives found a fully loaded 9-millimeter handgun inside Smith’s vehicle, police said. They also found a fully loaded revolver inside suspect Cardell Hayes’ vehicle. “No bullet casings were found inside either vehicle, and no ballistic evidence was recovered to show that either weapon was fired during the incident,” police said.

NEW ORLEANS, LA -  From the moment Cardell Hayes was accused of killing former NFL star Will Smith in New Orleans, Hayes' attorney warned, there`s more to the story.

"Prior to the actions that lead to Mr. Smith's death,” says John Fuller, “My client was involved in a hit and run. Someone hit him. The person failed to pullover.”

Fuller says Hayes followed the person who hit his hummer.  Surveillance video may confirm that claim.

Cameras captured video between the restaurant where Smith ate his last meal, and the street corner where he was shot to death. In it, you can clearly see a Hummer and a Mercedes SUV driving the same route.

Police say both vehicles match the descriptions of the cars driven by Hayes and Smith.

Just minutes before the shooting, you can watch as the hummer stops abruptly and is possibly bumped from behind by a Mercedes SUV.  Both vehicles stop for a moment, then the hummer appears to try to pull over to the side of the road. Instead of stopping, the driver of the Mercedes swerves into the other lane of traffic and speeds away.

Remember, Hayes drove a Hummer, Smith drove a Mercedes SUV.

Soon, the Hummer takes off after the Mercedes in the direction of the street where we know Hayes, Smith and another car driven by a friend of Smith were involved in a three-car pile-up.  After that crash, police say an argument between Hayes and Smith led to Hayes pulling out a gun, killing Smith, and injuring Smith`s  wife.

The question is, does this surveillance video help Hayes` case?

Legal analyst Joe Raspanti says, regardless of how enlightening and detailed the surveillance video is, it just doesn`t matter.  “What matters in those few seconds before the gunshots went off and a few other things but what happened 20 minutes ago I don't think is even admissible and I don't think it's relevant."

Video may show a lot, but we may never know the whole story.