Coroner report shows New Orleans Saints Defensive End Will Smith shot 7 times in the back

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- In the death of former Saints Defensive End Will Smith, each bit of new information leads to more unanswered questions.

Coroner's early findings show that Smith was shot eight times. He took seven in the back, and one to his side, all over a fender bender!

And that was after his wife, Raquel, was shot twice - once in each leg!

Cardell Hayes stands accused of second degree murder, and Hayes` lawyer says his client didn`t even know the victim`s identity when shots were fired.

Now while a gun was found in Smith`s vehicle, the Smith family attorney, Peter Thomson, says, "At no time during this event, to my knowledge at all, did will smith ever brandish or carry on his person a firearm."

An opinion Cardell Hayes` lawyer, John Fuller, questions outright, seeing as how Cardell knew about that gun the night of the shooting. “How would my client know that, to tell me that, if someone didn`t brandish that firearm?” asked Fuller in a press conference.

And now to add to all the surveillance video released, there may even be eyewitness video captured on a cell phone.

“We have reason to believe that a bystander recorded the events immediately prior to gunshots being fired, and that that footage was turned over to New Orleans police the night that Mr. Smith died,” explained Fuller.

While the attorneys for the accused and deceased both try this case in the court of public opinion, it looks like if law enforcement has such a video, they`ll be saving it for a court of law. Strap in folks, if you thought this ride was, it ain`t over yet.

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