Deputy shot multiple times in the back after routine traffic stop, recovering after hours of surgery

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HOUSTON - Another horrific shooting of a police officer has happened in Houston, and once again, the officer was ambushed without warning.

Harris County Constable Deputy Alden Clopton was shot four times in the back while talking to another officer after a routine traffic stop in Houston's Third Ward district.

A total of six shots were fired at the deputy with some bullets lodged in his body.

"Some were removed, and some were left inside," Clopton's trauma surgeon Dr. Joseph Love stated.  "He sustained mostly abdominal gunshot wounds to the right and left-- and the lower left chest cavity."

The deputy remains in critical condition, but doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

"He can hear us, and he can respond to us non-verbally," Todre Clopton, the deputy's son, shared.

Clopton's son talked about what kind of man his dad is. "He's a dad just like any other dad here in America. He's the one who works for what he owns," the proud son declared. "He's the one who provides for his children and makes sure that they have everything they need in life."

Officials say the deputy's wife, who's also in law enforcement, and their five kids are doing as well as possible.

A female reserve deputy was the other officer at the scene.

"And she pulled her weapon...and she saw somebody run away...and she got off one round," Harris County Constable May Walker announced.

Walker commented on the female deputy, saying "she's feeling really bad because she was not able to catch the suspect, but she's going to be okay."

Police say they have interviewed a "person of interest" but have no suspect at this time.

"And we are hoping anybody out there that may have some information that can help us catch this person" will come forward, Walker pleaded.

This is the second time in less than a year in the Houston area that an officer has been shot in the back.

People are wondering....why would someone shoot an officer just doing their job?

"We can speculate, but we really don't know," Walker said.

That "unknown" is making the streets a scary place for officers everywhere.

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