Drug cartels and terrorists have taken to social media to soften their image

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HOUSTON, TX -  With folks that are so wrong, why would anyone want to swipe right? Infamous groups like Mexican drug cartels and Middle-Eastern terrorists have a new weapon of choice these days; the web. By posting slick-looking videos and pictures showing glitz, girls and guns, societies bad guys are turning to social media to soften their image.

Grande guns, mucho money and babes are featured online as a sort of recruitment for young people to join their franchise. and while many clearly see passed the luxurious lure. Some worry it could entice a few folks to try that lifestyle. Groups like ISIS are hurting a lot of people these days. Well produced training videos online seem to attract new members none the less.

When that doesn't work, the bad guys turn to cats. Yes, big cats in the case of the cartels, who just love to show off with their tigers. But ISIS, on the other hand, love their itty bitty kitties on some of their social media photos. Very strange!

So, while their profiles might paint a pretty picture, these pics are just another example that you can't trust everything you see on social media.

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