How often do healthy couples have sex?

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ONTARIO, Canada - What would life look like without sex? That's probably a question for a monk, a Jedi master or a bunch of very unlucky guys. But how often do we need to get laid to be able to say that we have a healthy sex life? Apparently, the answer for married couples is once a week.

We tend to associate more frequent sex with well-being. But a study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science suggests that weekly nooky is good enough. More than that is obviously enjoyable. Researchers at University of Toronto Mississauga agree but it has no significant impact on your overall happiness.

Here's the thing: we're talking about an average, and clearly each couple is different. Only you guys know whether it's time to pump it up or slow it down.

"Me personally, I like more," said Houston resident Kody Tennison. "I recommend at least once a day."

"My personal sex life can't be prescribed by anyone," expressed Kenneth Matthews.

"Be with the compatible person that is willing to explore and experiment with you," Maricruz Juan concluded.

So, that's it: sex once a week, Newsfix every day. Sex once a week, Newsfix every day. That's how we turn you on, so you can tune in.

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