Russian war plane flies close to Navy barge; Putin blames U.S for Panama Papers

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA- Russia and the U.S. are back in the ring-- not the boxing ring -- but recent tensions between the two need to be knocked out.

On Tuesday, two Russian fighter jets flew over U.S. Navy Ship, USS Donald Cook, in the Baltic Sea.

The jets got a little too close for comfort . . . only 75 feet above the ship!

Before the close encounter, a Russian intelligence ship had been shadowing the area.

USS Donald Cook had a Polish helicopter on board; officials believe this is some sort of a message to Poland.

The Pentagon says this raises serious safety concerns. They're calling it one of the most aggressive actions from Russia in recent history.

Friction doesn't end there; the Russian prez held his annual live call-in show.

He was asked about the Panama Papers.

Remember those? The leaked documents, which revealed illegal, financial activity -- powerful, international leaders hiding their assets from the public eye.

Among them, Sergei Roldugin, Putin's friend who used offshore companies to keep two billion on the down low.

Putin's name wasn't on the doc -- but he's saying the entire leak was all a U.S. plan to weaken Russia.  Woah, hold your horses!

On a lighter note, Putin seems to have respect for the man in charge, President Obama.  When asked about him, he called him a "good man".

Well, look at that, Putin can play nice when he wants to!


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