Simon Says: Guns will trump everything this summer!

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It looks like we’re going to break records this year, but it’s nothing to be proud of. You see, if murder were a growth industry, we’d all be rich.

From Dallas, New Orleans, Chicago, Memphis, and so many other places -- crime rates are soaring.

Here’s something else you’re not going to like: things are going to get worse. I mean,  we’re not even in summer yet when people packing heat like to use it more.

It feels like there’s not going to be a vacation this summer from headlines like, “Helter Swelter.” Nothing adds spice to a felony when people are hot, bothered and angry.

So, where can we expect to see a lot that this summer?

The Republican and Democratic Conventions should be throwing down the gavel about the same time murder rates are going way up, and nothing gets voters fired up more than social issues.

Prediction:  don’t expect the conventions to get bogged-down in back-room deals over delegates. The way crime is surging, Republicans and Democrats will be talking a lot about guns.

Guns and gun control will Trump anything we hear this summer. It may even get you to vote in November for a Congress and President that will once again be off target.

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